(WKBN) – Plows were definitely hard at work Thursday clearing the slushy mess, but still a few drivers found themselves on the side of the road in the snow.

“We’re pushing a lot of the slush off and we’re treating as needed, especially hazard areas,” said plow driver, Michael Kelly.

Kelly started his morning at 3 a.m. and said it wasn’t bad then, but when the rain started to mix it started to get sloppy.

“Just be safe, be cautious, don’t try to drive like it’s June, let the plow drivers do their job and get to point A and point B as safe as possible,” said Kelly.

Even with a number of plows out treating the roads, some spots were slick.

A car and semi-truck found that out when they both went off the road on the ramp to I-80 from 76 in Austintown.

Troopers said speed was a factor.

Meanwhile, on Route 82 in Brookfield, three people went to the hospital after their car rolled into a ditch.

Police said most of the inside of the car was submerged in water.

“The roads are slick they may not look like it but you hit spots and it just pulls you right off the road like what happened to them,” said Brookfield Police Detective Aaron Kasiewicz.

Just over the county line in North Jackson, Jim’s Party Shop is giving back to workers who have to be out in weather like this by giving first responders, utility workers, and road crews free coffee and even providing snacks when the store is closed.

“It was only recently that we started doing free snacks as a way to say even more of a thank you,” said Julianna D’Amico with Jim’s Party Shop.