LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — It’s been a very busy day for just about anyone driving a snowplow, whether it was ODOT or someone working for a landscaping company.

The weather changed from rain to freezing rain and sleet leaving side streets, parking lots and cars covered in a layer of ice.

For the most part, it depends on whether the road or whatever you’re walking on has been treated or not.

Route 30 was only wet because it had been treated, whereas sidewalks along route 30 and Lincoln Way were still slush and ice-covered.

“I’ve been here since 5 o’clock this morning,” said Mike Jenkins with Diamond Cut Landscaping.

Jenkins is one of three people spreading salt in parking lots for Diamond Cut Landscaping.

While walking on untreated areas was downright treacherous, many main roads were just wet.

“The roads actually haven’t been that bad, I mean the bridges and the slopes are bad but other than that it’s not too bad out,” said Jenkins.

That’s a dramatic turnaround from the storm that hit on Martin Luther King Day, dumping more than a foot of snow and covering some roads for days.

But with more snow expected overnight, Jenkins knows he’ll be busy a while longer. “Yeah, for sure. If it’s anything like the last one we got I’ll be probably out for eighteen hours.”