You may be surprised to see how long it has been since we’ve had a hot June

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Temperatures will warm up through the weekend and we will get to experience summer weather again as we push into our first full weekend of June. You can expect temperatures in the mid to upper 80s on both Saturday and Sunday.

Do you think a high in the upper 80s is hot for June here in Youngstown, Ohio? Let’s take a look at some records and normal temperatures from the history books.

A normal mean high temperature for June is 78.8°F. The month starts with a normal high of 75°F and ends at 82°F. A normal mean low temperature for June is 56.2°F. The month starts with a normal low temperature of 52°F and ends at 59°F. Overall, the normal mean temperature for the entire month is 67.5°F.

How does the normal compare with some records of previous years? The hottest June in Youngstown was in 1934 when we had an average temperature of 76.2°F, which was 20°F above the average that year! In 1934, there was a very hot June. Looking at the warmest Junes on record, we have not had a top ten year since 1949, which was 72 years ago!

Top Ten Warmest Junes in Youngstown, Ohio

  1. 76.2° set in 1934
  2. 75.1° set in 1943
  3. 74.4° set in 1933
  4. 72.2° set in 1939
  5. 72.0° set in 1942
  6. 72.0° set in 1949
  7. 71.7° set in 1932
  8. 70.8° set in 1941
  9. 70.6° set in 1898
  10. 70.6° set in 1937

The hottest temperature recorded in June was 99°F. We hit 99°F multiple times, in 1933, 1952 and 1988.

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