BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – There has been a lot of snow in the Valley, and with snow comes ice, which could lead to some slips and falls.

That is what happened to WKBN’s sister station WYTV’s morning anchor Len Rome.

“This was a slip and fall on what I suspect was black ice,” said Rome.

Rome was walking one morning and fell on his wrist, which required surgery. He didn’t notice the extent of his injuries until later that day.

“After I made breakfast. Then after a while, I realized, oh this hurts,” said Rome.

On top of the broken wrist, he also had bruising on his arm. His knee is in a brace and some of his fingers are swollen.

Those injuries are pretty common according to a local orthopedic surgeon.

“When you start to fall you stick your arm out straight to try to brace yourself and a lot of time the wrist will take the impact when you hit the ground,” said Dr. David Weimer.

Conditions like this are common this time of year.

It is recommended to take it slow, watch your step and wear proper shoes.

But even with doing all the right things, it sometimes still isn’t enough.

“I thought I was being careful but I must’ve been walking too quickly. I even had a flashlight. But what can I say? Things happen,” said Rome.

If you do find yourself taking a fall — depending on severity — you can go to a local urgent care or emergency room.

It is also good to have a way to communicate at all times.

“Always important to have your cell phone with you or some kind of medical device that you can activate, should you be traveling by yourself and not able to get up,” said Dr. Weimer.

Rome is recovering very well and is hoping to be back to work very soon.