The fall lawn chores continue as leaves are falling and the grass is still growing. Winter is sneaking in and will eventually shut down your lawn chores and move your work to the driveway to clear out snow.

You may have a plan in place each year to prepare your equipment for winter, but there are certain things you should make sure you have in that plan to keep your machines running in tip-top shape each year.

I went to Do-Cut Sales and Service in Canfield to find out what we should do to get our equipment ready for the upcoming winter. I caught Sean Neuroh and asked him about winterizing your lawn equipment. I wanted to know from top to bottom what we need to know to keep our machines in good working order.

Fuel treatment was number one. You want to add the treatment to the gas. It acts as a stabilizer to assist with the ethanol in the fuel. Ethanol is not good on small equipment according to Sean. He said that the treatment tells you on the bottle how much you should use.

What if you don’t want to treat your fuel each year? What do you do?

Sean said you can start using ethanol-free gas. Gas is the biggest issue with starting these engines each year. You can find ethanol-free gas at some local gas stations.

What about the seals and rubber rings if you drain the gas? Do they dry up?

Sean said it would take a long time for that to happen, over a course of years. Usually, the small amount of time over the winter will not dry the seals up unless it is an older piece of equipment.

The bottom line is to drain and treat your machine with the treatment because you are never going to get everything out of the system with ease. This should help you keep your lawn equipment’s engine and fuel system through the winter.

You also want to make sure to clear any debris and grass clippings from your mower deck to try and prevent any rust that may take place from the moist grass and leaves from the season.

This also goes for your snowblower. The season is reversed for it as you need it in the winter. So, you need to do summer prep work to be ready in the late fall and winter for snow.

Don’t forget about your pressure washer. Not only do you need to make sure the fuel is treated and empty, but you also need to make sure you winterize the water pumps and internal parts of the machine with pressure washer anti-freeze treatments.

You can find these treatments at many stores as well as online.