(WKBN) — A powerful storm is moving through the region with strong gusty wind and falling temperatures. We will turn even colder tonight with lake effect snow showers developing off of Lake Erie.

How high did the wind gust today?

Wind gusts ramped up as a cold front moved into Eastern Ohio and through Western Pennsylvania this morning. The gusty wind will continue this evening and into tonight making it feel even colder with wind chill temperatures. The strongest wind is past our region now and looks for a slow decrease into tonight.

Gusts were as high as 45 mph or higher in spots with this storm system throughout our region.

Maximum wind gusts on 11-30-2022.

How cold will wind chill readings be tonight?

With the gusty wind and temperatures falling into the 20s tonight, you can expect cold wind chill temperatures. Look for the wind chills to fall out of the teens and into the single digits by early morning. Thursday will stay cold with blustery wind but not as gusty as Wednesday.

A look at one of the models showing wind chill temperatures early Thursday morning.

Can we expect snow showers?

The colder air will create the next round of lake effect snow showers off of Lake Erie late today and into tonight. The heaviest snow will fall in the northern snowbelt across northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania and western New York.

The northern snowbelt includes northern Trumbull and Mercer Counties.

How much snow is expected?

The lake effect snow will drive in multiple snowbands across the northern snowbelt. Central and northern Ashtabula and Crawford counties could see several inches of snow through early Thursday morning. Gusty wind may blow the snow around.

Across the lower snowbelt, the snow accumulation is expected to be light with up to an inch possible in parts of Trumbull and Mercer counties. Higher amounts are possible in the northern extremes of each county. If you are heading toward Erie, Pennsylvania or along I-90 into western New York, you can expect heavier snow.

Heaviest lake effect snow falls in extreme northeastern Ohio to northwestern Pennsylvania to western New York.

South off the snowbelt, not much snow is expected. A few light snow showers or flurries are possible, but likely resulting in only a quick dusting in localized areas.

Heaviest snow falls in the northern snowbelt.