(WKBN) – Temperatures this weekend are going to feel a lot different than last weekend. Last Saturday and Sunday were hot and humid. Highs Saturday reached 88° and Sunday warmed to 93°. The low temperatures were also warm and muggy. The low on Aug. 6 was 69°. Temps only dropped to 72° on Aug. 7.

This weekend will be a lot more comfortable if you don’t enjoy humid weather. For many, the early morning hours Saturday will feel rather cool. Temperatures by daybreak on Saturday, Aug. 13 will dip to around 50° with a chance for some rural spots to touch the upper 40s. So will any of the cooler mornings be a record? This is what it takes to set a record low in Aug. in the Youngstown area.

A cool start to the weekend of Aug. 13 and not a lot of very warm nights for the Youngstown area are expected between Saturday, Aug. 13 – Friday, Aug. 19

What is the range of record low temperatures in the Youngstown area in August?

The climate reporting site for the Youngstown area is at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport in Vienna. The records for our area are based on measurements taken there. In order for a temperature to approach the record lows for the Youngstown area in August, it will have to at least drop below 50°.

The warmest record low in August for the Youngstown area is 49°. That’s the record low for August 4, and it was set in 1970.

On the other end, the coldest record low for the Youngstown area in August is at the freezing mark. On Aug. 29, 1982 the temperature fell to 32°. That is also the date of the earliest frost and freeze ever recorded in the Youngstown area. The earliest occurrence of temperatures falling into the 30s for the year happens one week prior to that record. The temperature dropped to 39° on Aug. 22, 1988. That is the earliest occurrence of temps falling below 40° as we head into the latter part of the year.

To set an all-time record low, we would have to fall below 32°. The next occurrence of a record low that is at or below 32° isn’t until Sept. 17. The record low for that day is 30° set in 1959. That is the earliest date on record the temperature has dropped below freezing for the Youngstown area coming out of the warm season.

When was the last time we set an August record low temperature in the Youngstown area?

The last time a new record low was set in Aug. at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport in Vienna was almost ten years ago. The temperature dropped to 46° on Aug. 15, 2013. That is the last occurrence of any new record temperature, low or high, being set in Aug.

What are the record-low temperatures for the Youngstown area in August?

Record low temperatures for the Youngstown area in August

Are there any record-low temperatures in the forecast for the Youngstown area?

In the near-term forecast, the closest we come to flirting with record is looking like Saturday morning. Low temperatures will be around 50° with a decent chance for rural areas to tough the upper 40s. It is possible for the temperature at the airport Saturday morning to drop into the 40s but to be a record, it would have to fall all the day down to 44° for a tie and 43° or lower for a new record. While it won’t be a major stretch, it is still looking like a stretch. You can keep tabs on the high and low temps by checking the current 7-day forecast for the Youngstown area here.

Looking ahead to the 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, the pattern does suggest cooler temperatures retreat to the west and southwest. But some data has hinted at another pocket of cooler and drier air trying to build into the lower great lakes at the very end of the month. We will be watching to see how it plays out but it would take some exceptionally cool air in the region to set record lows at the end of the month.

8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows the Youngstown area favoring above-average conditions during the Aug. 20 – Aug. 26 timeframe.