Saturday was a beautiful day across the Valley with high temperatures in the low 70s and mostly cloudy skies.

High pressure over the Valley Sunday will lead to even warmer temperatures into Monday. Will there be any high temperature records broken in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania?

Let’s dive into the climate records for a history lesson.

Youngstown, Ohio Temperature Records

Forecasted high and record high temperatures for Youngstown, Ohio on Oct. 23rd and 24th.

The forecasted high temperature in Youngstown for today is 75°F and the record for October 23rd was 79°F which was set just two years ago in 2020. Monday, the forecasted high temperature is even warmer at 76°F but the record of 80°F set in 1963 will be tough to beat.

There is a non-zero chance that a record could be broken in Youngstown, but a record is not likely.

Cleveland, Ohio Temperature Records

Looking elsewhere across the region:

Forecasted high and record high temperatures for Cleveland, Ohio on October 23rd and 24th.

Cleveland might stand the best chance of breaking a high temperature record over the next two days. The forecast high today of 77°F is only 3 degrees shy of 80°F which was the record high temperature in 1963.

Monday, the forecast high is 78°F which is very close to the back-to-back 80°F days in October 23rd and 24th in 1963. All eyes will be on the thermometer in Cleveland the next couple of days.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Temperature Records

Forecasted high and record high temperatures for Pittsburgh for October 23rd and 24th.

The location least likely to break a temperature record over the next two days will be Pittsburgh. The record highs for October 23rd and 24th are 82°F (1947) and 81°F (1963), respectively.

The forecasted high temperatures in Pittsburgh are only in the mid 70s over the next couple of days, so a record is unlikely. However, temperatures are still running close to 15+ degrees above average which is a welcome sight after the cold temperatures last week.

Why is it so warm in Ohio and Pennsylvania?

A strong high pressure system has settled into the southeastern United States which is providing dry area across the area. The Valley is situated on the north side of this ridge of high pressure which is pumping in warm air from over the Gulf of Mexico.

It will continue to bring warmer weather to our area for the next couple of days before a storm system to our west finally pushes into the Valley on Wednesday.

Storm Team 27 VIPIR Radar showing high pressure system in the southeast and warmer air pushing into the area.

What happened in 1963?

You might have noticed the year 1963 showed up 4 times in the high temperature records for October 23rd and 24th. What was going on with the weather in 1963?

Well, October of 1963 was the 5th warmest on record with an average temperature of 57.3°F. It was also the 4th driest October on record with only 0.45″ recorded at the Youngstown/Warren Regional airport.

This is compared to 2022 where the average temperature for the month of October has been 50.7°F and there has been 1.47″ of precipitation recorded at the airport.

September had also been a dry month that year with only 0.94″ recorded at the airport in 1963. The combination of the drier than normal conditions and warm temperatures caused drought in the area during 1963 and also resulted in numerous high temperature broken across the region that year.