Where was that high-level smoke coming from in the sky Monday evening?

Youngstown Weather

Do you notice an orange haze in the sky this evening? This is not our typical sunset here in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We are watching some very thin smoke from western and northwestern wildfires drift through the upper levels of our atmosphere.

The 4th of July and all the fireworks did cause some low-level smoke to stick around into the morning of the 5th, but this smoke is from many miles away and is very high in the atmosphere.

The bulk of the wildfire smoke is from southern Canada, around 950 miles away with larger fires burning in that region. They have been stuck in a very dry pattern this summer and are now dealing with the fires from it. Most of the high-level smoke we are seeing is from western Ontario and eastern Manitoba in southern Canada.

This smoke will not impact our weather much as it will only cause a slight haze in the sky and make the sunset look orange. Make sure to send your Report-It pictures in if you catch the orange glow to the sunset.

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