Fall has officially started across the Valley. The leaves are starting to change, the days are getting shorter, and there has even been some patchy frost in the past couple of days.

Fall has certainly started off cooler relative to average as multiple disturbances have brought cold and wet conditions to the Valley. Some of the colder days in the past couple of weeks might have had you pining for a 70 degree day. When was the last time the temperature was 70 degrees or higher in Youngstown?

The start of fall literally brought a change in weather

The start of astronomical fall was on September 22nd this year and everyone knows that the weather begins to cool off around that time period. However, the weather usually does not shift dramatically on that day. Well, 2022 was the exception as a cold front brought below average temperatures for the first day of fall.

High temperatures at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport from September 4th to October 4th. The blue squares represent high temperatures that were below average. The red squares represent temperatures that were above average. The high temperature for today, October 4th, is preliminary.

In fact, the cold front that moved through on the 22nd of September ended a string of 6 above average temperature days including the warmest temperature in the past 30 days of 86 degrees on September 21st.

The cold front also started a trend of its own. Since the first day of astronomical fall, the high temperature at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport has failed to reach 70 degrees. Furthermore, the high temperature has failed to reach the average high temperature for this time of year since the 21st of September. This means that we are on a streak of 13 below average days the first of which started on the first day of fall.

When was the last time we went this long without a 70 degree day?

You have to go all the way back to the spring to find the last time we went 13 days straight without a 70 degree day. From March 31st to April 12th, the temperature failed to reach 70 degrees. This was close, however, as the temperature officially reached 69 degrees on March 31st so the record was almost longer.

Thankfully, the high temperature should eclipse the 70 degree mark tomorrow and Thursday as some warmer weather finally returns to the Valley. Do not get used to it, though, as the average high temperature drops from 68 degrees on October 1st to 56 degrees on October 31st.

Get out and enjoy the next two days!