The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers kick off their regular seasons Sunday, and the weather could not be more football-like!

If you’re heading to either game, here’s everything you need to know.

Browns forecast

At Cleveland Browns Stadium, expect calm weather for the Browns and Bengals game. Skies will be cloudy throughout the game.

Expect a peak of sunshine or two with temperatures in the low 70s. A quick rain shower may pass through from the rising front along the east coast. However, these rain chances are minimal.

You may want to take a rain jacket or poncho to the game just in case.

Steelers forecast

At Acrisure Stadium, there is a slight chance for showers and a rumble of thunder for the Steelers and 49ers game. This is because Pittsburgh is closer to the rising front along the east coast that brought showers and thunderstorms throughout Pennsylvania Saturday.

Any rainfall will not be like the heavy rains that impacted eastern Pennsylvania Saturday night. If you plan on going to Pittsburgh for the game, try to bring a rain or poncho jacket with you.

On the bright side, temperatures at the game will be comfortable in the mid 70s.