(WKBN) – Because of all the snow that is getting dumped in Buffalo, many media sources have been using the term “Thunder Snow.”

First News asked Storm Team Meteorologist Jim Loboy for more information on Thunder Snow.

He says his similar to a summer time thunderstorm due to the vertical clouds. Earlier, we were seeing it over Lake Erie because of artic cold air mixing with warmer water in the lake.

Loboy says you can see three to five inches of snow with thunder snow, within an hour. Loboy explains our weather graphics.

“These are in excess of 30,000 feet. So you’ll get charge separation and that’s going to give us a lighting strike. So we might hear some thunder far off in the distance, that would be from lake Erie and into Buffalo,” said Loboy.

Loboy says sometimes we’ll get it in this area during a big 24-hour snow storm.