With this week’s frost warnings, gardeners should remember to cover their plants

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Don't forget to cover your garden this week so your plants and vegetables stay protected

(WKBN) – Recently, the weather has been warmer, so you might have been out doing some work in your garden.

But now with frost warnings for this week, you may want to plan on covering your garden so that your plants and vegetables stay protected.

“A frost… they can cover from your upper 30s, generally even mid-30s, sometimes they can withstand that. If you cover them, that will protect them from the heavy frost. However, if it gets down to actual freezing or below freezing even if they’re covered, they’re still at freezing temperatures,” said Donna Lonardo, co-owner of Lonardo’s Greenhouse.

Lonardo said it’s best to plant around Memorial Day because the weather is typically more stable for growing.

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