Warm weather increases productivity for outdoor workers

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Installing gutters is a job that can go slower when it's really cold outside but Thursday, you didn't even have to wear a coat

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A normal late December day can be hard on the hands and body for someone who works outside and even on the equipment they use. Getting a 60-degree day right after Christmas is a wonderful boost for some businesses.

On Thursday, Kirk Ruse was installing gutters for Boak and Sons on a new home in Canfield Township. He wasn’t even wearing a coat while cutting the gutters and preparing them to be hung.

It’s a job that can go slower when it’s really cold outside but with the current weather forecast, it was getting done much quicker, enhancing productivity.

“Probably 90% more,” Ruse said. “With the warm weather, and the cold metal and everything, you just get a lot more done because with your hands getting cold, and touching the metal and everything. Anything under 18 degrees, if it’s not clear blue skies and sunny, it’s kind of rough on you.”

The warm streak of weather is helping Ruse get back on schedule after rain and cold temperatures earlier this month cut into his productivity.

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