Trumbull County salt dome packed, crews ready for snowy roads

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There are about 10,000 tons of salt in the Trumbull County Engineer's Office dome

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Trumbull County Engineer’s Office said it’s ready for whatever weather we get this winter.

Its salt dome is packed with about 10,000 tons of salt.

Crews are reminding drivers to be careful when the snow starts to fall.

“As always, I would caution drivers to be aware this time of year,” said Highway Superintendent Tom Klejka. “We have a lot of problems with the bridges icing over, so pay special attention to bridge areas.”

Trucks are ready to treat the roads whenever the weather warrants it.

“If you see a salt truck, slow down, give them some room to work. They will be traveling at a low rate of speed, approximately 20 miles an hour,” Klejka said.

Road departments monitor the weather constantly for any changes, which can change road conditions.

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