Spring rain not record-breaking yet

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Number of days with rain is high not rain totals

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – While rain events like we had two weeks ago in Boardman with flash flooding along 224 may have seemed record-breaking, the numbers don’t reflect that.

Our rain totals for the month of May sit at just 1/10 of an inch above the average.

We had 20 days of rain in May, just shy of four inches for the month. We would have needed almost six more inches before reaching the number one wettest May on record, which was in 1946.

Even last year, we had more rain in May with over four inches.

In contrast, already for June, we’ve had 2.27 inches of rain, which is above normal for this point in the month

Looking at the number of days we had measurable rain is where the higher numbers come in. We saw seven more rain days in the month of May than we usually do.

So far for June, we had less rain days, but with almost as much rain as we saw for the whole month of May., the record is over 10.5 inches. We would need to get almost seven more inches of rain in the next few weeks to hit that record.

There is a chance we could enter that record-breaking zone. The forecast over the next few days looks soggy. Models show rain to be light to steady, slowly taking on a half inch to one and half inches each day, with sunshine mixed in.

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