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Ohio River rising along southern Columbiana County

Leaders in Wellsville and East Liverpool are keeping a close eye on it

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) - The rain and strong winds overnight caused some problems for different parts of the Valley. In Columbiana County, there are several areas officials are keeping a close eye on.

Less than a week ago, the Ohio River was frozen over from the below-zero temperatures. After this week's warm-up and rain, the water is on the rise.

"You can tell it's coming up. This morning it was right at four," said Jarrod Grimm, Wellsville's village administrator.

At the Wellsville Marina, the water was coming up the boat ramp quite a bit on Friday. The fire department said it's up about five feet and they're going to keep watching it through the evening.

"We're just monitoring the gauge at the marina about every half-an-hour and continue that on until tomorrow morning at 11:30," Grimm said.

He said if the water comes up to seven feet, they'll have to start preparing to turn the pumps on in town. Grimm said they shouldn't get anywhere close to flood wall level.

In East Liverpool, officials spent Thursday evening keeping a close eye on a mudslide along Route 11.

Safety Director Brian Allen said the slide had some movement Thursday night -- they had to close a lane of traffic for a period of time. That lane has since reopened.

Allen said the mudslide on Route 11 is scheduled for repair this summer.

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