Mild weather has locals spending Christmas Eve outdoors

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With the relatively warm weather, people were heading to car washes or their local golf course

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people spent Christmas Eve outside Tuesday, as the weather was relatively mild for a winter day.

It was one of the highest temperatures on Christmas Eve in close to five years, drawing people out to car washes and golf courses.

“People are getting out and about. They’re taking advantage of it, and in northeast Ohio, you don’t get that opportunity much in the winter, so they’re taking full advantage of it,” said Michael Francisco, an attendant at Rogue Wave Auto Wash.

Jerald Layton, of Youngstown, said he wanted to get the salt off his car.

“Basically, the water, it’s a little warmer. The water won’t freeze, and you’d be able to dry it off and get it a little cleaner than you would just by running it through a car wash,” Layton said.

Earlier, some people also took to a local golf course to spend their Christmas Eve hitting the greens. They say that they take every opportunity to go golfing.

However, they’ve never had the chance to do so on Christmas Eve before.

“People like to go sleigh riding and do other things like skiing or whatever. This is what I like to do, is play golf, so if we can get out and not be frozen to death and get a couple of holes in, have some fun with our friends, that’s what it’s all about,” said golfer Scott Davis.

Davis and his winter golf league take these chances to get out of the house during the crazy holiday season. They say it helps them reduce their stress and get exercise during the holidays.

Living in Ohio, it’s full of surprises, including more snow.

“Overall, more people want to be out and about because they know the snow is coming soon,” Francisco said.

The last time Youngstown has had a true White Christmas was almost a decade ago. This was back in 2010 when there was over a half a foot of snow on the ground.

Since then, it’s only snowed a few times, never totaling more than an inch.

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