Many in the Valley couldn’t avoid being out in the cold Wednesday

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Many people around the Valley still had to head out on Wednesday to brave the cold.

Temperatures hanging around zero degrees made it a bad day to be outside.

Sophia Martini, manager at The Federal in downtown Youngstown, said she didn’t see many people outside walking.

“Because of the cold, I’m definitely seeing less foot traffic but we’re still getting a ton of calls so, actually, today we got a bunch of to-gos. I think it’s because people are still in their offices and they are only sending one person out to get lunch.”

Most of the sidewalks along Federal Street were empty. People opted to stay inside.

Maria Elaine Bright, of Youngstown, was one of the few outside. She said although it’s freezing cold, she had errands to run.

“I have to get paperwork in by a certain date, so I thought I would have to come out anyway so I can get that paperwork in.”

She’d rather be doing something else.

“Stay at home, drink hot cocoa all day and absorb the heat at an 82-degree setting,” she said.

She’s got the right idea.

Brandy Johanntges, who is also a producer at WKBN, works the drive-thru at Millionaire’s Express on South Avenue in Boardman.

“It’s good that the orders are quick and that people are in and out because all of a sudden, if you have this window open too long, the entire booth becomes like an ice cube and it’s heated, but it’s still cold,” she said.

Johanntges said she still has to layer up clothing on days like Wednesday.

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