If you’re going the speed limit on snowy roads, you might still get pulled over

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At last check, we’re expecting to anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of snow this weekend and with that, comes the potential for power outages.

Austintown police said there are several driving laws you’ll want to keep in mind if the power goes out and when traveling in the snow.

In Ohio, you are required by law to stop at a non-functioning traffic light, yield to any cars in the intersection and then proceed with caution.

Police said speed limits can be less than the sign you see posted during a snowstorm.

“People have to understand that just because you’re doing 40 in a 40, there’s eight inches of snow out. Technically, you can be stopped and cited for excessive speed due to weather conditions,” said Austintown Police Lt. Tom Collins.

He said you should drive responsibly and take it slow this weekend.


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