Cold and snow on Mother’s Day Weekend, is it normal?

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Our cold temperature on Saturday was record-breaking, but freeze warnings aren't uncommon this time of year

(WKBN) – We reached a new record low Saturday with a temperature of 27°. The previous record was set in 1983 when the temperature this day reached 28°.

Our cold temperatures were record-breaking — they brought freeze warnings across the Valley — but freeze warnings in May aren’t so record-breaking.

Average last freeze: May 3
Record latest freeze: June 11

Some places saw more than an inch of snow over the last 24 hours in the Valley. The last time we saw snow in May was May 5, 2016.

While uncommonly cold, our freeze and snowfall isn’t far from the average:

Last spring snowfall: .1″ on May 16, 1956
(June of 2013, 1998 and 1955 had trace amounts of snow)

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