Bright flash in sky early Wednesday morning identified as meteor

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There were more than 700 reports of sightings from 15 different states

(WKBN) – A bright flash that lit up the sky early Wednesday morning is now being identified as a meteor.

Jay Reynolds, a professor at Cleveland State University, said just before 6:30 a.m., a meteor fell.

It was seen in the Valley but also as far away as Chicago and South Carolina. There were more than 700 reports of sightings from 15 different states.

“For a lot of these people, it’s once in a lifetime to see something that spectacular at 6:24 in the morning,” Reynolds said.

There’s still no information on the size or speed of the meteor, but Reynolds estimates it was a larger one.

“Based on previous, I would estimate the size — something which would fit on your hand and likely containing magnesium,” he said. “Its speed in our atmosphere causes it to glow, eventually burns up. Something like this inside your hand – that’s considered large.”

Reynolds says the magnesium is most likely why it burned so bright. People saw it hundreds of miles away, but its main path was from roughly East Liverpool to Salem.

“Maybe some small, very tiny pieces, fragments and meteorite dust has fallen in that area there. Very difficult to find,” he said.

The American Meteor Society believes it was not associated with any known meteor shower, but there’s probably a few people who believe it could’ve been aliens in a UFO.

“You could say unidentified flying object. It is, but not the kind where My Favorite Martian is going to pop out,” Reynolds said.

It may have been a random flash, but it was a spotlight to the stars for many.

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