Air conditioners will be working hard this weekend; here’s what you can do to lighten their load

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A service technician we talked to said many people think they're giving their A/C a break, but are actually making it work harder

GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Thursday was another warm day and the heat is still rising.

Price Heating & Cooling was installing a new air conditioner in Girard.

“It’s been extremely busy,” Chris McKernan said.

He said service technicians have been going nonstop since Memorial Day.

Now that the temperature is near 90 degrees, the easiest way to keep your house cool is to be smart.

“Quite honestly, the biggest thing that we really see a lot of, we’ll get a phone call, somebody will say, ‘I turned it on this morning and it’s just not cooling.’ First and foremost is don’t turn it off,” McKernan said.

Air conditioners will cool your home on a 90-degree day, but it’s going to be tough. Most times, they can only cool the air between 15 and 20 degrees.

So is it bad equipment or is the heat taking a toll on things?

“In a market that’s 15 to 20 years for your equipment, it’s actually coming up on that window of a big boom that we would’ve had 15 to 20 years ago,” McKernan said.

When it’s cool, you might want to open the windows, but that brings humidity in the house and removing it makes it take longer to bring the temperature back down.

Heat and humidity can be tough together — even worse if you don’t have an air conditioner.

Some easy things you can do to stay cooler are turn on ceiling fans, use blinds to block the sun or hang out in the basement.

“If you don’t have one, find one,” McKernan said. “Go somewhere, especially if you have any health concerns or anything that may be going on.”

During the day, some of those cool places include the mall or grocery stores.

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