Wild weather day: Thundersnow to record lows

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Two record lows may fall by early Wednesday morning

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(WKBN) – The area has experienced wild weather for a mid-November day.

Lake effect snow showers pushed through, causing whiteout conditions and heavy snow in spots. These snowbands were intense at times. This resulted in thundersnow near Youngstown.

Thundersnow forms much like normal lightning in a thunderstorm. It is not as common in snow as the clouds are typically not as tall as thunderstorms.

The process for lightning involves taller clouds and the correct atmospheric conditions to help in the development. Thundersnow can develop with intense snow clouds. It is more common with lake effect clouds as the vertical nature of the cloud is “convective.”

Lake effect clouds grow as colder temperatures roll over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes. The greater the difference in the temperature between the surface of the water and the colder air above, the stronger and taller the snowbands.

This is the “convection” that causes the clouds to grow. If the temperature difference is pretty extreme, taller clouds can result, causing lightning to form.

Of course, lightning causes thunder and thunder in a snow cloud is known as “thundersnow.”

This same cold air this week is cold enough to break record-low temperatures, too!

So far, we have dropped below a record set on November 12, 1950 — 19° F.

The low temperature dropped to 17° Tuesday evening.

We should fall below Wednesday’s (November 13) record low by early morning. It was set in 1986 at 19° F.

So we will more than likely break two record lows in a short period of time.

We have some more cold mornings coming up for the rest of the week.

Record lows for the rest of the week:
November 12 = 19° in 1950
November 13 = 17° in 1986
November 14 = 12° in 1986
November 15 = 13° in 1996
November 16 = 8° in 1933

Keep an eye on the temperatures through the week here.

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