Why is there a halo around the sun?

Weather For Kids

This episode of Weather For Kids talks about how a sun halo is created

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The sun can create fun weather features in our sky throughout the day. This episode of Weather for Kids will explain how a sun halo is created.

A sun halo is a circle around the sun. It happens when the sun’s angle to high level clouds directs sunlight to the ice crystals of the clouds. High clouds are made of tiny ice crystals. The light is refracted from the ice crystals and creates a prism causing the rainbow color from each.

The angle of the sun and the person seeing the halo has to be at a certain threshold.

This dispersion of light with the ice crystals creates the ring around the sun called a sun halo.

This also happens at night with the moon. It is called a moon halo.

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