Weather For Kids – The Water Cycle

Weather For Kids

Learn more about the water cycle as Alex reads 'The Little Raindrop'

(WKBN) – Earth’s water is always in movement. The journey that water follows as it moves around Earth is called the water cycle.

Liquid water is found in oceans, rivers and lakes. Solid ice is found in snow, glaciers and at the Poles. Water vapor, a gas, is found in Earth’s atmosphere.

In this episode of Weather For Kids, Alex George is going to read the book ‘The Little Raindrop’ by Joanna Gray. The story is about a raindrop who experiences the different stages of the water cycle.

Want to do a more hands-on activity to learn about the water cycle? Check out this Weather For Kids episode Meteorologist Alexis Walters did a few weeks ago.

You can also learn how to make a cloud in this episode of Weather For Kids.

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