Weather For Kids: Learning about wind

Weather For Kids

What is wind and what sets it in motion?

(WKBN) – While you can’t see the air, you can definitely feel it. When we feel the air move, it is the wind!

Wind is defined as air in motion. We define this by its speed and direction. Northwest wind at 12 miles per hour means the wind is coming FROM the northwest direction, and at a speed of 12mph.

Because the earth receives different amounts of solar radiation from the sun, there is uneven heating of the surface across the globe.

We already know that warm air is less dense than cold air and is forced to rise, but we need to replace the air that rose upward! The cold air replaces the rising, warm air.

That motion of the two different air masses is what produces wind.

Besides temperature, air also has pressure. Wind blows from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. The stronger these pressure systems are, and the closer they are together, the bigger the gradient is and the stronger the wind.

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