Weather For Kids – How hot is lightning?

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Find out how hot lightning is in this episode of Weather For Kids

The spring season is here. Showers and thunderstorms will drift through our region at times into the summer. These thunderstorms produce dangerous lightning.

This episode of Weather For Kids will focus on how hot lightning is and a little lightning safety.

We will start with how hot lightning is. To do this, we will try to relate it to some temperatures that you are used to.

Our bodies are warm. They average between 96.0° F and 98.6° F (give or take a few degrees). That is pretty warm!

The surface of the earth ranges from around 0° F (or colder) in the winter to 100° F (or warmer) in the summer. A 100° F day is a hot day for sure!

The surface of the sun is really hot! It is around 10,000° F. That is 100 times hotter than the earth’s surface.

Lightning heats the air around it to even hotter temperatures than the surface of the sun. Lightning can heat the air to 50,000° F! That is five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

Lightning safety:
– Lightning can travel through water and metal (don’t swim during a storm)
– Lightning tends to strike the tallest object (avoid open fields and tall trees)
– Lightning can strike out and far away from a storm

*When thunder roars, go indoors!

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