Weather For Kids – How far away is the lightning you see?

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Find out how to use math to see how far lighting is from you.

Watch the video above to find out how you can use math to figure the distance lightning is from your location.

How far away is lightning. Here is how you can tell how far away lightning is.

Use the 5 second rule. You watch for the lightning. Once you see the lightning, you start counting. You take the number of seconds it takes to hear the thunder and then divide that by 5. That will tell you how far away the lightning is in miles.

For example, if you count to five. Take 5 and divide it by 5 which equals 1. That will tell you the lightning is about 1 mile away.

If you count to 10, the lightning is 2 miles away. If you count to 3, the lightning is a little more than half a mile away. This is a great tool to use through the year.

Remember, if you can see or hear it, you can get hit by it. Stay safe.

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