Summer Solstice: The First Day of Summer

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The first day of summer is June 20th, 2020

The official start to summer in 2020 is June 20th at 5:43 pm. This is the beginning of the summer solstice.

The summer solstice is when the sun’s rays are directly over 23.5° N, also known as the tropic of cancer. 23.5° is the same degree as the Earth’s tilt on it’s axis – which is what gives us our seasons.

On this day, we will have 15:08 of daylight, making it the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. However, even though it is the day with the most sun, that doesn’t make it the hottest. Our warmest days of the year run a few weeks behind. Typically in Ohio our hottest days are in the middle of July.

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