International Space Station will be visible from Youngstown area this week

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The ISS will be visible in Youngstown several times this week

The International Space Station (ISS) will be visible in Youngstown several times this week.

What is the ISS?
The ISS is a platform in space that orbits the earth at 17,500 mph. Research is done on this platform and at certain times, you can see it in the sky. It should resemble a very bright, moving star or an airplane. The difference is it will not have flashing lights.

When is it visible?
The ISS is visible several times throughout the year, some times clearer than others. This also depends on the weather. The best viewing conditions are in a dark, open space on a clear or mainly clear night.

This week, a few viewing times will be:

May 18 at 9:39 p.m.. for 6 minutes
Appears 10° above WSW
Disappears 11° above NNE

May 20 9:44 p.m. for 2 minutes
Appears 25° above NNW
Disappears 11° above NE

How do I see it?
Position yourself facing the direction in which the ISS will become visible. For example; Monday night at 9:39pm, face the west-southwest sky. If you don’t know which direction WSW is, try using a compass. Standing on the ground, the horizon — where the sky meets the earth– is 0°. Look slightly above the horizon, at 10° and that is the point at which the ISS should become visible.

Weather plays a role in visibility
If the sky is too cloudy, it could make it hard to see — or even impossible. Over the next few days in Youngstown, we have a good chance of skies being cloudy with scattered showers. However, there will be breaks in the rain and clouds so be weather aware and ready to scope out the ISS in the sky if you get the chance!

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