First snowflakes of the season could be coming soon

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We are two months away from the start of winter, but the first snowflakes will likely come well before that

(WKBN) – We are likely nearing our first snowflakes of the season here in the Valley.

Historically, we typically see our first snowflakes in the first few weeks of November. Here is a look at our first flakes in the past five years:

2019 – October 31
2018 – November 9
2017 – October 29
2016 – November 19
2015 – October 17

As of October 21, there isn’t any snow in the forecast but the data from the past hints we will likely see a few soon.

Chief meteorologist Paul Wetzl explained in a previous video that our average first frost is October 1 and our average first freeze is October 14.

We had our first official freeze October 17 this year. The temperature at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport hit 31°.

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