Find out if clouds are colder or hotter than we are on the ground

Weather For Kids

Weather For Kids: How cold/warm do clouds get?

This episode of Weather For Kids talks about how cold/warm clouds are.

Clouds can grow to more than 40,000 feet tall, and these tall clouds can get very cold!

Most of the time, the higher you go in the sky, the colder it is in the troposphere (the “weather” part of the atmosphere). So, you would expect clouds to get colder the higher the cloud is.

As you will see in the example used in the video above, the higher you are, the colder it is.

Most clouds are made of ice and snow! It gets below freezing pretty fast as you climb into the atmosphere. In fact, it can reach temperatures well below -50°F toward the higher clouds — that is really cold!

The ice and snow fall into warmer air toward the ground to make rain. They melt as they fall through the warmer layer. If it stays below freezing all the way to the ground, the ice and snow will most likely fall as just snow.

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