2020 hurricane season is a busy one

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This year's Atlantic hurricane season has been so active that there is only one name left on the list of hurricane names

(WKBN) – It has been a very active hurricane season.

The storm impacting the U.S. right now is Hurricane Sally. Sally is likely to cause major flooding for parts of the gulf coast.

Sally isn’t the only storm out in the Atlantic at this point. There’s also Paulette, Teddy and Vicki.

Paulette is expected to go out to see and will not impact the U.S., while Teddy is expected to strengthen into a major Hurricane.

As of Tuesday, we just have one more name to go on the 2020 Hurricane list. The National Hurricane Center has a list of names for tropical systems. There are only six lists recycled every six years.

If the NHC runs out of names in a year, it will go to the Greek alphabet to finish out the season. The last time that happened was in 2005.

Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30. With several more weeks to go, it is looking likely that the Greek Alphabet will be used.

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