A change in our weather is taking place today as drier air works into eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

The weekend featured high humidity with dew point temperatures in the mid to high 60’s and air temperatures not too much higher. This made it feel very humid through the weekend.

The last of the high dew point temperatures will be pushed out of the area through the evening.

Lower dew points moving across Ohio.

The trend for lower dew points will lead to air that is easier to breath in/out and less sweating.

The drop in Dew Point temperatures is expected through the night and into your Tuesday.

Expected dew point temperatures into Monday night.

What is causing the change in the weather?

The storm that is driving in the lower humidity and cooler temperatures is spinning through the lower Great Lakes. This storm system is also creating a large “Dry-Slot” that you can see on the water vapor image below.

Water Vapor image – 9/12/2022

This storm system will bring another chance for isolated showers into your Tuesday. Once this storm moves out through the middle of the week, look for great weather to return!

Will our forecast get better this week?

The second half of the week and into the weekend will feature low humidity and dry weather. Skies will become mostly sunny. See the forecast here.

Precipitation chances through the weekend

There is a chance for an isolated shower Tuesday and then a small risk for an isolated shower Wednesday in the snowbelt. Colder air flowing over Lake Erie will create a small chance for lake effect showers through early Wednesday.

The dry air and warmer temperatures will take over for the rest of the week and into the weekend.