We will need to stay weather alert through Wednesday evening as a cold front approaches the viewing area. Thunderstorms develop to the west and move toward the area during the evening. Any thunderstorms have the potential to be strong to severe Wednesday evening.

Severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Wednesday, July 20th, 2022.
Severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Wednesday, July 20th, 2022. All of our viewing area is included under the slight risk, or level 2 of 5, for strong to severe storms Wednesday evening.

What are the primary hazards?

Wednesday’s approaching cold front will run into abundant fuel for thunderstorm development in western and central Ohio. A line of thunderstorms is expected to fire up west of the Valley and move in our direction into the late evening. These storms will have the potential to produce severe wind gusts in excess of 70MPH. Isolated storms capable of moderate to large hail are also a concern in the evening.

The storms that develop are likely to form a line from north to south and push across the state in the evening. However, any storms that develop ahead of that line, by themselves, do have the potential to try and rotate. While the tornado threat is low with this system, any of those isolated thunderstorms have the potential to rotate and a brief spin-up isn’t entirely out of the question. That said, the primary hazard we are watching for will be severe wind gusts in the stronger thunderstorms.

Primary severe hazards for Wednesday, July 22nd, 2022
Primary hazards will be storms capable of producing severe wind gusts and moderate to large hail. Isolated rotating thunderstorms in the region are possible but the wind gust threat is the greater hazard with this system.

What time is the risk for storms expected in the area?

The majority of your day Wednesday will be dry. Plan for a hot and humid afternoon with highs around 90°. The threat of severe storms will start ramping up in the evening. The window we are watching for strong to severe storms is 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Any thunderstorm between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. Wednesday night will have the potential to be a bit strong. Heavy rainfall and frequent lightning are likely, in addition to the threat of strong thunderstorms.

Are there any more chances for storms in the forecast this week?

Yes. While Wednesday evening is looking like the greatest risk for stronger storms during the workweek, we will have other chances for rain and thunderstorms. Each of the next five days comes with the potential to encounter a few raindrops. Most of the chances for thunderstorms after Wednesday evening occur during the hottest parts of the days. Afternoon pop-up, hit-and-miss variety thunderstorms are possible during the day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Friday will also have a chance for a few morning showers or isolated thunderstorms. You can stay updated on the forecast and when to watch for storms by checking the Youngstown Area 7 Day Forecast.

Though none of these days are looking like all-day washouts, the unsettled pattern will persist through the weekend with chances for pop-up, hit-and-miss style thunderstorms in the forecast into the weekend. After Wednesday evening, rain chances most days will be highest during the warmest parts of the afternoons.