YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN)- Youngstown has turned to heavy equipment to clear streets after heavy snowfall has blocked many roads.

Crews were busy on the West Side using a construction grader to remove snow. While residents are faced with having to remove piles of snow from the end of their driveways, it’s a lot better than what they had to deal with over the last 24 hours with blocked roads.

“I had to park my car at Dollar General and walk back down, get milk for my daughter then go back up, back down,” said Christanie Cardona.

Youngstown Street Superintendent Kevin Flinn said the focus over the last 36 hours was on main thoroughfares.

“We had our crews working the midnight shift downtown, pushing streets and parking lots back. We brought in wastewater and the park department who are also helping us to haul the snow out of downtown,” Flinn said.

But many other areas had to wait.

“Because of the accumulations, we haven’t been able to make much progress,” he said.

Even with the special equipment, a number of streets remain snowbound, leaving residents waiting.

“Everybody that’s got a car on my street we’ve been pretty much stuck indoors since the snow came down. Anybody that has tried to get out they’ve got stuck right at the edge of their driveway,” said resident Kwai Daniel.

A resident who lives on Silliman Street called our news station and said that she has been blocked in since the storm and has lost two days of work.

“We need help to get out of the street so we can do our jobs and support our families,” she said.

Officials with the Youngstown City Street Department say that as long as it doesn’t snow, their plan is to have every street in the city cleared, at least with one pass, in the next three days. However, freezing rain and sleet are predicted in the forecast and that could slow things down.

“Then, when the temperature drops that low, our material doesn’t even work. The rock salt won’t even break that up if it is snow-packed,” Flinn said.

Streets in Youngstown’s downtown business district were clear for the most part on Tuesday. After the streets were plowed, other crews came by to pick up the big piles of snow.

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