(WKBN) – October wrapped up Monday with warm temperatures and some rain for Halloween. October 2022 will probably be remembered for the warm string of temperatures in the latter half of the month, but was that the case for the entire month?

Here is a look at some temperature and precipitation statistics for October.

High and low temperatures for October

October is a transition month for weather in the United States. It is a month that features changes in temperature and changes in leaf color. There were multiple interesting weather days in October. The high and low temperature for every day is listed below:

High and low temperatures for October 2022 from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport.

There were multiple “peaks” and “valleys” in the recorded temperatures. This is common during a fall month due to the increasing strength of cold fronts this time of year.

The minimum temperature was recorded at the airport on October 16, with a low of 32°F. The coldest stretch of high/low temperatures occurred from October 17-20, which feature high temperatures of 51°F, 43°F, 42°F and 48°F and low temperatures of 37°F, 35°F, 33°F and 34°F.

Interestingly, the warmest stretch of high temperatures started two days after the cold stretch, with four straight days of 70-degree weather from October 22-25.

While the warm weather may be remembered the most, was October 2022 actually warmer relative to average?

October was a month of big temperature swings

The fall months are usually composed of large discrepancies in temperature across the United States. The month of October often features large swings in temperature from one week to the next, and that was certainly the case in 2022.

The high temperature departure from average is shown below.

High temperature departure from average for Youngstown, Ohio for October 2022.

The month of October started off with temperatures slightly below average for the first four days. What followed were a few days through the first half of the month with slightly above- and slightly below-average temperatures.

Then, the first major cold blast of the season arrived on October 17, which started a stretch of below-average temperatures from October 17-20. The coldest day of the month occurred on October 19, with a high of 42°F, which was nearly 20 degrees below average for that time of year.

Then, just like it started, the cold stretch was over. The month of October closed out with nine of the last 10 days featuring above-average temperatures. This included a stretch of four days from October 22-25 with high temperatures that were 10+ degrees above average.

Overall, there were 16 days where the temperature was above average and 15 days where the temperature was below average. The month of October was truly a month of seasons.

A dry October assisted in temperature swings

Wild temperature swings are usually accompanied by dry periods of weather. The above- and below-average temperatures across our area were certainly assisted by dry conditions, but how many dry days were there?

Precipitation for the month of October at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport.

There were only 11 days with recorded precipitation at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport. In fact, the month of October started off with six days of no precipitation. The day with the most precipitation was October 13, when 0.87″ of rain was recorded at the airport.

October did feature the first snowflakes of the year when 1.5″ of snow was recorded on October 19. However, this was followed by another stretch of six dry days, which correlates to the warmest temperature of the month (October 23 and 24).

November has started with a day of above-average temperatures. It will be interesting to see what the month has in store for the Valley.