We are tracking two storm systems this week that will bring record warm temperatures, gusty wind, rain showers and the risk for thunderstorms, turning colder behind the second storm system with colder temperatures and snow showers to end the week.

What to expect from the first storm system

The record high temperature for Wednesday is 65°F, which was set in 1954.

Warm temperatures will be pushed into the region by gusty wind. Wind gusts will pick up through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. Gusty wind will continue through Wednesday with gusts up to 45mph or higher. The wind will taper into Wednesday night.

The rain will not last long, with a big part of Wednesday staying warm and windy.

What to expect from the second storm system

The second storm system will bring heavier rain showers and the risk for thunderstorms. It will also bring colder air behind it, with snow showers into Friday.

The Thursday storm will push rain into the region Thursday morning with embedded thunderstorms possible. Temperatures will push toward 60°F into Thursday afternoon with a break in the showers. Another line of showers and storms are expected into Thursday evening with a cold front.

There will be a chance for a gusty thunderstorm Thursday until the cold front clears the area into Thursday night.

Temperatures will turn much colder into Friday, with snow showers returning.

The 7-day weather forecast will be back-and-forth between warm and cold temperatures through next week.