YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Our dry month is coming to a close and it looks like June will pick up where a record-breaking May finished with more dry weather.

The Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport has only recorded 1.3 inches of rainfall. That creates a 2.18 deficit for the month of May.

This dry impact has had an effect already on local rivers and streams.

The weather pattern does not change much this week as high pressure will stick around the Great Lakes and keep our weather dry and very warm.

To see what a typical El Nino pattern can bring to our region click here.

The upper-level steering pattern does not change much for Ohio and Pennsylvania through the week and into the weekend.

This pattern will keep our weather forecast dry and warm into the start of June.

When will it rain?

The risk for rain is very small in the current seven-day forecast.

That chance will hinge on the pattern shifting and we still have some time to see how that shapes up.

If the pattern flip takes place, it will be working with limited moisture, so even that chance is low at this point. You can keep up with the seven-day forecast to follow the chances.