Halloween is on Monday, and you’re probably starting to wonder what the weather will be like and if it will impact any trick-or-treat plans here in the Valley.  

Before we get to Monday’s trick-or-treat forecast, let’s first talk about the weekend, as some towns are holding trick-or-treat on either Saturday or Sunday. 

What is the forecast for Saturday and Sunday? 

The weekend looks great for any Halloween events across the area.  

Saturday will be a nice day with lots of sunshine and dry conditions. The day will be mostly sunny, with temperatures climbing into the low 60s for afternoon highs.  

Saturday’s trick-or-treat forecast

Sunday will bring increasing clouds and the chance for an isolated shower late in the day. Temperatures will warm into the low 60s for afternoon highs.  

Sunday’s trick-or-treat forecast

Rain chances will return to the forecast Sunday night as a storm system begins approaching the area. Scattered showers are likely Sunday night into Monday as the storm system starts to make its way through Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania.

What is the forecast for Halloween? 

The Halloween forecast looks pretty similar to last year’s forecast. Last Halloween, temperatures were in the upper 50s and low 60s, with isolated showers across the area. 

This year, scattered showers will be possible throughout the day as a storm system passes through the area. Temperatures will climb into the low 60s for afternoon highs. 

As you head out to trick-or-treat Monday evening, you will want to have a light jacket and your rain gear as you will likely encounter scattered showers.  

Monday’s trick-or-treat forecast

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