(WKBN) – After the first round of showers and thunderstorms that moved through the Valley this morning, the next round that is associated with the incoming front will move in by mid to late afternoon. These storms are expected to be strong and have the potential to become severe.

Isolated thunderstorms are expected to begin, mostly after 4 p.m. During the rest of the afternoon and into tonight, pop-up storms will continue to develop intermittently. At times, these storms may produce damaging winds and large hail.

Though the threat for tornadoes is still very low, a quick spin-up cannot be entirely ruled out. What works in our favor is the fact that the morning storms used a lot of the energy when they came through, and the cloud cover early afternoon is preventing daytime heating so there is not much instability.

That being said, be on the lookout for when conditions start to turn bad. Track the storms in your neighborhood with your Youngstown Weather Radar. Stay with wkbn.com for the latest information.