(WKBN) – It is the cloudy time of the year in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. December is one of the cloudiest months of the year. In fact, 74% of the days in December are typically cloudy.

Youngstown, Ohio averages 205 days per year with cloudy skies! That is 56% of the year. You may wonder how that number compares to other cloudy locations across the country.

Some of the cloudiest cities in the United States

Like the Great Lakes, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest are known locations for cloudy weather. Some of the cloudiest places in the country are in these locations.

Alaska is a very cloudy place and has many cities that average more than 200 days per year with clouds. Some average more than 300 days per year that are cloudy.

Below you will see a list of some of the cloudiest locations in the United States.

STATECITYNumber of Days Cloudy
AlaskaCold Bay304 Days Per Year
AlaskaSt. Paul Island287 Days Per Year
WashingtonQuillayute239 Days Per Year
WashingtonOlympia228 Days Per Year
OregonPortland222 Days Per Year
Some of the Cloudiest locations in the United States

Cities in Ohio with comparable cloudy days to Youngstown, Ohio

STATECITYNumber of Days Cloudy
OhioYoungstown205 Days Per Year
OhioCleveland202 Days Per Year
OhioAkron198 Days Per Year
OhioColumbus190 Days Per Year
OhioCincinnati186 Days Per Year
Cloudy days in some Ohio cities

When it comes to sunshine and clear skies, you need to look to the southwest United States. States like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, West Texas and California. This is the dry region of the United States and an area where you would have the best luck seeing more sunshine than clouds most of the year.

What cities in the United States have a high number of clear days?

STATECITYNumber of Days Clear
ArizonaYuma242 Days Per Year
ArizonaPhoenix211 Days Per Year
NevadaLas Vegas210 Days Per Year
CaliforniaBishop201 Days Per Year
CaliforniaFresno194 Days Per Year
A list of cities that have a high number of days with clear skies.