The Monday morning commute will be a quiet one. By late morning, rain showers will start to move into the area. Rain will mix with and turn to snow through the afternoon.

Snow showers will become widespread through the afternoon. The snow will be heavy enough at times to make travel tough. Drops in visibility will be possible. Roads may be slushy and slick at times through the afternoon and evening. Snow on grass and car tops is expected to accumulate more rapidly. 

1″ or less is expected through the day. Another inch or two will be possible into Monday night.

Snow this late in the year is not out of the question. In fact there has been snowfall recorded in Youngstown as late as June. On three separate occasions, at least a trace of snow has been observed as recent as 2013. The snowiest May on record in Youngstown was just last year. 2021 saw a total of 1.6 inches during the month of May.

Warmer temperatures return in the 7 Day Forecast.