(WKBN) — We can officially put the 2022-2023 meteorological winter into the record books. The season has been one to remember here in Youngstown, Ohio.

The winter was very warm overall ending as the third warmest on record. With warm temperatures, you would expect less snow. Winter 2022-2023 proved that point ending with very little snow for the Youngstown, Ohio area.

How much snow fell this winter in Youngstown, Ohio?

The winter started with no measurable snow until Dec. 10, and only 0.2″ fell that day.

Small snowfall amounts accumulated through the month until the Christmas storm which also brought very cold air with it.

The biggest one-day snowfall took place for the winter on Dec. 23 with 4.3 inches of snow.

The second biggest snowfall of the winter was on Jan. 22 with 3.2 inches of snow.

The third biggest snowfall of the winter was on Jan. 25 with 2.2 inches of snow.

Winter of 2022-2023 only delivered 3 days with snowfall greater than 1 inch!

The only winters on record that have only delivered 3 days of snowfall greater than 1 in were back in 1949-1950 and 1937-1938.

Looking at the numbers for winter 2022-2023

The meteorological winter (December/January/February) of 2022-2023 ended with a total of 14.9 inches of snowfall.

A typical meteorological winter will produce and an average of 49.5 inches of snow. Keep in mind this is meteorological winter (December/January/February) and not the entire year. A typical year of snowfall in Youngstown, Ohio produces a total of 67.8 inches of snow. This would include the fall and spring months.

MonthSnowfallDeparture from NormalWinter
Winter Total14.9″-34.6″2022-2023
Youngstown, Ohio Snowfall during meteorological winter 2022-2023

14.9 inches puts this past winter in the record books as the third least snowy winter on record in Youngstown, Ohio.

214.6″ 1948-1949
Youngstown, Ohio Snowfall Top Ten least snowy meteorological winters