Winter cold has returned with temperatures that are closer to normal for January. This colder weather will take a few breaks within the next week, but more near normal temperatures are expected.

This is the time of the year that normal temperatures are cold. In fact, we are starting the coldest time of the year with average temperatures.

The coldest air, on average, usually shows up roughly 30 days after winter officially starts. There is a lag time in the cold across the globe.

Our normal high temperature dropped to 34° on Jan. 8. It will stay at 34° until Jan. 29. It goes up to 35° on the 30th of the month and climbs from there through the spring.

Our normal low temperature will fall to 18° on Jan. 22. The normal low will stay at 18° until Jan. 29.

The period from Jan. 22-29 is the coldest stretch during the year on average. The normal high is 34° and the normal low is 18°.

The turning point of the year starts on Jan. 26 as we clear the middle of the eight-day stretch that features the coldest temperatures of the year on average.

As you know, we do not always the have coldest temperatures of the year in this window of time. We can get cold throughout other times of the winter too. On average, the coldest time of the year falls in this eight-day stretch here in Youngstown, Ohio.