With the Super Bowl returning to the Los Angeles area for the first time in 49 years, there is the possibility that this may be the warmest Super Bowl on record.

Los Angeles holds the current record of 84 degrees in 1973. With all the talk about the southern California heat, what are some of the other records for the weather conditions during the big game?

The coldest Super Bowl was very recent. In 2018, the game in Minneapolis, Minnesota could be played while it was a frigid 9 degrees outside thanks to the indoor stadium.

The coldest game at an open air stadium was in 2014 when New York City only reached 42 degrees. Having games in cold weather cities is uncommon and are typically hosted in warm weather cities or cities with a domed stadium. New York City was an exception.

Though it has snowed on three Super Bowl Sundays in different host cities, none of that snow was on the field as all of those games were indoor stadiums.

The wettest Super Bowl was played in Miami in 2007 when 0.92 inches of rain fell. During halftime, Prince sang his famous song “Purple Rain” as the rain was falling.

Though nothing record setting is expected here at home, there will still be a bit of a temperature rollercoaster across the Valley. Details of that are always available in your Youngstown 7 Day Weather Forecast.