(WKBN) – The Alberta Clipper snow system moving through the Valley is adding more snow to an already snow-covered ground.

Last weekend’s winter storm dropped around a foot of snow. Today’s models are calling for anywhere between two to four inches more. Some areas may see near five inches of added snow as well.

Although the recent snowfall may seem like a lot for January, it’s nowhere near the record for total snowfall in the first month of the year. Just over 36 inches of snow fell in January of 1999. So far this month, the Valley has only seen around 14 inches of snow. This is less than the normal snowfall in January, which is around 20 inches.

The top 10 snowiest Januaries are below:
*All records are for Youngstown, Ohio
1999 – 36.4 inches
1978 – 36 inches
2009 – 35.8 inches
2007 – 31.5 inches
2004 – 30.3 inches
1948 – 30.1 inches
2011 – 30 inches
2015 – 29.3 inches
1994 – 27.2 inches
2012 – 26.2 inches

Snowfall in the coming days will put us closer to the normal snowfall for January. You can see when more snow will be impacting the Valley in the seven-day forecast.