Our winter has not been a snowy one to this point. That can always change as we are only approaching the halfway point to meteorological winter.

The season has only featured a few bigger storm systems to this point and several lake effect events. Local snowfall has been limited out of each.

How much snow have we had in January?

So far, January has only recorded three days with at least a trace of snowfall. The total for the month is 0.5 inches, which is 4.9 inches below the normal.

Fun weather fact:
Last year had only an inch to this point of the month.

How much snow have we picked up so far this winter season?

The total snowfall this winter season, which starts on July 1, is 9.2 inches. That is well below normal as we should have 24.8 inches to this point of the season.

We are running 16.2 inches below normal. Last year, we had 12.1 inches to this point.

What is the amount of snow needed to break the top 10 list?

In order to make it into the top 10 least snowy years, we will need to record under 30.2 inches of snow for the entire winter. That happened back in 2015-2016 and in 1968-1969.

The year with the least amount of snow through the winter season was 1949-1950 with only 18.2 inches of snow.

Fun weather fact:
After the least snowiest winter season, the following fall brought the snowstorm of 1950 which helped record the snowiest day on record in Youngstown, Ohio with 26.5 inches on Nov. 24, 1950. We picked up more snow in one day later that year than we picked up throughout the entire winter season before!

How many days has it snowed this winter season?

We have picked up 30 days with at least a trace of snowfall to this point of the season. Most of those days featured small amounts of snow of fewer than 1.0 inches. Many were only a trace of snow.

The biggest snow day so far was on Dec. 23, 2022. The snowfall recorded at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport was 4.3 inches.

We will have to see how the rest of the winter pans out in order to find out if we will be in the record books by the end of this snow season here in Youngstown, Ohio. We still have a lot of winter to go through.