There are finally some snowflakes flying through the air as we move into the weekend. This winter has already been pushed into the record books for very little snowfall across the area.

The third least snowy meteorological winter is in the books and we closed out the three-month period (December/January/February) with only 14.9 inches of snow.

Snowfall is also measured for the calendar year. This measurement starts in summer and ends in the summer to accumulate all snowfall throughout the year.

So far, this calendar year’s snowfall is at 19.1 inches.

How far behind are we in snowfall this calendar year?

We are running 40.1 inches below normal in snowfall here in Youngstown, Ohio!

Normal snowfall to this point of the year is 59.2 inches.

Last year, we had picked up 50.5 inches to this point of the year.

We have a lot of ground to make up just to have a normal year of snowfall.

When was the least snowy calendar year on record in Youngstown, Ohio?

The least snow calendar year was in 1937. A total of only 17.7 inches fell from the summer of 1936 to the summer of 1937.

If you are wondering when the most snow was in a calendar year, you only have to go back to 2010. The airport picked up 115.4 inches of snow that year!

There is more snow in the forecast this week. Check out the weather forecast here.